When planning a hardscaping project, there are many options to choose from when deciding which
materials to use. Some of the most common choices include concrete and natural stone products like
flagstone, travertine, and granite. Another great option is porcelain – porcelain pavers, to be exact.
Porcelain pavers offer incredible beauty and unbelievable durability as an excellent alternative to
traditional hardscaping materials. You may be wondering, what are porcelain pavers? While others ask,
do they measure up to the hype when it comes to practical issues like durability and ease of installation?
The short answer is that porcelain pavers are unique paving slabs made from the highest-grade
porcelain. Porcelain pavers are an excellent alternative to outdated and environmentally unfriendly
concrete and natural stone products and have been proven in some of the most diverse environments
around the world.
Manufactured of kiln-fired clay and recycled materials, porcelain pavers have undergone proprietary,
patented processes to achieve uniformity throughout the slab, superior density, and unmatched
performance. This is excellent news for those who prize styling in their hardscaping projects.
Now that we’ve covered what porcelain pavers are let’s look at their benefits, particularly when
contrasted against more traditional concrete and stone products.
– Compared to concrete and natural stone pavers, porcelain pavers are incredibly chemical and
stain resistant
–  Porcelain pavers never need to be sealed, confirming them as a low-maintenance option
–  Porcelain pavers are easy to clean using standard household products.
– Featuring a very hard surface, porcelain pavers are incredibly scratch- and abrasion-resistant
–  A simple power wash in the spring will return porcelain pavers to their freshly installed good
looks, retaining their natural beauty and original texture.

Other Advantages of Porcelain Pavers

Slip Resistance – Natural stone pavers like granite and quartz can become quite slippery and are not
ideal in high-slip areas like walkways, near sprinkler systems or around the pool. On the other hand, the
top surface of porcelain paving stones is structured to create a non-slip surface, making them safe to
install anywhere.
Durability – Porcelain pavers are ideal for withstanding the ravages of Canadian winters. Even at
temperatures as low as -51°C, porcelain pavers are 100% frost free. Because they are impermeable, de-
icing salts and similar materials can be used without damaging them, unlike concrete which pits.
Colourfastness – Porcelain pavers will not fade or discolour in even the most intense sunlight and
extreme weather conditions. Simply give them a light power wash in the spring to restore them to their
freshly installed appearance.
Stain Resistance – Porcelain pavers have excellent compressive strength with ultra-low moisture
absorption. Their very dense, non-porous surface remains resistant to staining, moss or mould, retaining
their striking appearance with little to no maintenance.

Strength & Durability – Porcelain pavers allow minimal water absorption and have excellent chemical
resistance and significant resistance to thermal shock. Precision-engineered for reduced breakage,
porcelain pavers can withstand loads up to 2,200 pounds. Once installed, they remain resistant to
breakage and can even be used in driveways. In the unlikely event that one does break, replacement is a
relatively painless process.
Environmental Impact – Porcelain pavers are a smart, eco-conscious choice in building materials. Most
are made of up to 42% recycled materials. Their durability means they will last a lifetime, not needing
replacement. Offering a natural look without the mining and quarrying necessary for natural stone like
quartz and travertine, porcelain pavers are a truly environmentally responsible option for hardscaping.
Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, the sky’s the limit when designing with porcelain pavers.
Closely mimicking the appearance and texture of the material as it appears in nature, they allow you to
bring your creative design ideas to life. Porcelain pavers can be used in a variety of hardscape
applications, from decks & patios to entranceways, steps, walkways and terraces.