Landmark Ceramics Frontier20 – Creating Beautiful Hardscapes

A great alternative to wood, Landmark Ceramics Frontier20 porcelain pavers offer a wide realm of design options, ensuring complete freedom in every design project. Aesthetically pleasing, porcelain tiles are durable and offer longevity with minimal upkeep required. Easy to install and maintenance- free, porcelain pavers are an excellent option for your hardscaping project.

Well known for its strength and beauty, porcelain will add an attractive, durable touch to your outdoor projects, combining form and function in an extremely realistic natural stone or wood look.

Boasting unique strength and hardness, Frontier20 porcelain pavers are uncommonly unyielding to external abrasion and are even resistant to scratching with metal tools. Impervious to the elements, including frost and thermal shocks, Frontier20 porcelain pavers also resist scratches, stains, fading, moss and mould and salt damage.

Frontier20 outdoor porcelain tiles unlock a variety of design options that allow you to blend your inside living space with your outdoor living space. Available in a selection of contemporary surface looks and colours, it is easy to create avant-garde architectural landscapes with a wood, quartz, slate, limestone or concrete effect.

Delivering outdoor beauty, functionality and performance, add a new dimension to your outdoor living space with the Frontier20 line-up of extremely realistic natural stone and wood-look products. Consider using Frontier20 on your outdoor stairs to extend visual continuity from the indoor flooring surfaces through to the outdoor floor. They can even be colour matched to the interior tiles for a seamless look.

Available in a wide range of sizes in both square and oblong proportions, Frontier20 Porcelain Pavers make it easy to create beautiful hardscapes in any space, from patios and decks to driveways, stairs and poolside. Easy to install, Porcelain pavers are exceptionally versatile and can be installed around the most intricate landscaping features, with solutions for the tightest or most difficult to reach places.

Frontier20 can be installed using the traditional mortared bed, over sand and limestone, using the eco- friendly permeable method, or even the budget-conscious elevated deck or pedestal application. Whether installed in conjunction with raised pedestals and deck support systems or through other dry installation and traditional fixing methods, you’ll enjoy high-level design flexibility and customization options.

Completely nonporous, they will not stain and require no sealing or maintenance. Frontier20 porcelain pavers can easily be restored to their freshly installed look with a quick power washing.

Frontier20 outdoor porcelain tiles can be used for nearly any exterior structural paving application. Boasting unique strength and hardness, they are extremely resistant to external abrasion and are even resistant to scratching with metal tools. An anti-slip surface combined with extraordinary wear & weather resistance makes them the ideal choice for safe outdoor surfaces, whether in public outdoor spaces or around the pool.

With a complete range of special trim pieces available to seamlessly complete and accentuate the landscaping of outdoor spaces, Frontier20 porcelain pavers are ideal for projects that demand total visual continuity.

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The Benefits of Landmark Ceramics Frontier20 Porcelain Pavers

  • Easy to install, remove and replace.
  • Resistant to scratches, stains, fading, moss and mould.
  • Resistant to the ravages of Canadian winters including frost, salt and thermal shocks.
  • Low maintenance – no sealing, repairs or replacement required.
  • Very high slip resistance for all finishes, ensuring a safe outdoor floor area whether wet or dry.
  • Suitable for any outdoor space, including drive-over surfaces.
  • Eco friendly
  • Made in the USA.

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