When designing your new tiled deck, patio or another hardscape, choosing which material is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make. We may be biased, but we’re partial to porcelain pavers (otherwise known as outdoor porcelain tiles). 

When making your choice, there are a variety of factors to consider, and you’re sure to have questions. Here are some of the questions we are asked most often. 

Do Porcelain Pavers Stain?

Unlike the alternatives, porcelain paves absorb almost no moisture, creating a very dense surface that is resistant to staining. It is also resistant to mould and moss growth. Porcelain pavers’ original colour does not fade and will not discolour, and they do not need to be sealed. Porcelain pavers resist all stains, even motor oil and red wine. Because they are manufactured, there is no colour variation from one tile to another, unlike natural stone.

Can You Drive on Porcelain Pavers?

Porcelain pavers are stronger, more dense and more durable than natural stone. Thanks to their superior strength, porcelain pavers are perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic, commercial areas, and, yes, driveways. Incredibly strong, porcelain pavers are also frost-resistant, scratch-proof and resistant to abrasions. Road salt and de-icing fluids will not damage them. 

Do Porcelain Pavers Crack?

Cracking is caused by the absorption of water, which then freezes and expands. Because porcelain pavers absorb almost no water, they are protected from cracking. Should one break, say during the installation phase, replacement is easy. 

Do Porcelain Pavers get Slippery When Wet?

Porcelain pavers have a non-slip coating on them, making them ideal for installation in places where they may get wet, such as around a pool or hot tub. Porcelain pavers will not become slippery or dangerous when wet. Water will run right off between tiles when installed with a pedestal system, eliminating standing water. 

Are Porcelain Pavers Suitable for Cold Climates Like Canada?

Because porcelain pavers absorb almost no moisture, they easily withstand Canadian winters. They will not get slippery and will not crack during freeze & thaw cycles. 

Are Porcelain Pavers Expensive?

While not the least expensive option, porcelain pavers will save you money and time in other areas. They require minimal maintenance and will last much longer than other options. When the expense is factored over their lifetime, porcelain pavers are cost-effective. When installed using a pedestal system, you’ll find you save even more during the installation phase. Porcelain tiles will also significantly impact your home’s value, putting more money in your pocket when you decide to sell. 

Are Porcelain Pavers Easy to Maintain?

Porcelain pavers are ridiculously easy to maintain. A simple power wash once or twice each year will restore porcelain pavers to their freshly installed good looks.

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