Frequently Asked Questions2022-04-30T18:28:47-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions

How Environmentally Friendly are Porcelain Tiles?2022-06-30T17:29:29-04:00

Porcelain tiles offer a variety of benefits which make them a sustainable option. They require no adhesives, and dry installation reduces the creation of pollutants and dust. Thanks to their long-term durability, no replacement is necessary. Porcelain tiles are often produced using recycled materials. Porcelain tiles are one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options available.

Landmark Ceramics promotes a corporate culture focused on social responsibility and respect for resources and territory. The manufacturer’s production site has been built following the highest international environmental protection standards. Often produced using recycled materials, Landmark Frontier20 products are entirely recyclable, and they are easy to remove & re-use.

How Durable Are Outdoor Porcelain Tiles?2022-06-30T17:29:13-04:00

Fired at 2500 degrees, porcelain tiles are able to resist the ravages of sunlight and UV rays and the damage they cause. Porcelain tiles are stain- and weather-resistant, thanks to their very low water absorption rate. As well, because so little water is absorbed, outdoor porcelain tiles won’t crack when temperatures drop, unlike many other materials. Designers often recommend installing porcelain tiles in outdoor spaces because of their outstanding durability and strength.

Are Porcelain Tiles Slippery?2022-06-30T17:28:52-04:00

Preventing slips & falls is an important concern when choosing an appropriate outdoor flooring surface. Because porcelain is less porous than other materials like natural stone, it will absorb less moisture. All porcelain tiles have less than 0.5 percent water absorption rate. In areas prone to wet conditions, such as a patio or around the pool, porcelain’s moisture-resistant properties and subsequent anti-slip qualities help contribute to a maximal level of safety. Porcelain tiles usually have printed patterns on top, and others have an anti-slip coating, increasing the slip resistance of porcelain tiles.

Are porcelain pavers/tiles worth the extra cost?2022-04-30T10:46:08-04:00

While porcelain might have a higher upfront cost, you’ll save a bundle in other areas.

Installation – Porcelain pavers can be installed in conjunction with a pedestal system. This installation method will save you time, labour and money in excavation, disposal and transportation costs.

Maintenance & Upkeep – Porcelain pavers require no maintenance beyond an occasional powerwash to bring them back to their freshly-installed look. You’ll never need to sand, stain, or replace boards.

Long-term – A porcelain deck with the right underpinnings will last a lifetime. Unlike a wood deck, you won’t need to replace it every 15 years due to rotted boards.

Aesthetics – Aside from more practical options, comparing a porcelain deck, patio or driveway to a pressure-treated deck is like comparing a sports car to a grocery getter. It’s always worth it!

Outdoor porcelain tiles are priced competitively, meaning that you’ll come out ahead once the other variables are factored in.

How do I know if my porcelain pavers are slip-resistant?2022-04-30T10:43:36-04:00

While no tile or other outdoor flooring can be entirely “slip-proof,” there are industry standards and tests that determine the slip resistance of tiles. Coefficient of friction refers to the effort needed to move an object across the tile surface and indicate a tile’s slip resistance. The DCOF (Dynamic Coefficient of Friction value) is the industry standard, setting the minimum standard for interior floor tile at ≥ .42 DCOF. For exterior applications, whether walkways or around the pool, the minimum standard is set at ≥ .60 DCOF. Reviewing the DCOF rating of porcelain tiles is advised to ensure you’re choosing a product that is safe for outdoor use.

Can I really install porcelain tiles on my driveway?2022-04-30T10:43:15-04:00

Yes! Porcelain tiles are remarkably strong, and their incredible load-bearing ability ensures the capacity to withstand pedestrian and light vehicular traffic. We recommend using Landmark Ceramics Frontier20 porcelain pavers for driveway applications. Frontier20 Porcelain Pavers boast unique strength and hardness, are extremely resistant to external abrasion and are even resistant to scratching with metal tools. Unlike other driveway surfacing materials, porcelain tiles are completely nonporous, and they will not stain and require no sealing. The only maintenance they need is an occasional power wash to restore their natural beauty.

Are porcelain pavers as durable as natural stone?2022-04-30T11:28:15-04:00

Due to the extremely high temperatures throughout the manufacturing process, Frontier20 porcelain pavers are often stronger, more durable and denser than natural stone. This exceptional strength makes them ideal for commercial areas with high foot traffic and even driveways. Frontier20 outdoor porcelain tiles can be used for nearly any exterior structural paving application and are resistant to the ravages of Canadian winters, including frost, salt and thermal shocks.

How much maintenance do porcelain pavers need?2022-04-30T11:28:07-04:00

Frontier20 porcelain pavers are virtually maintenance-free! Simply give them a quick powerwash in the spring, and they’ll retain their freshly-installed looks year after year. Impervious to the elements, including frost and thermal shocks, Frontier20 porcelain pavers also resist scratches, stains, fading, moss and mould and salt damage. Boasting unique strength and hardness, Frontier20 porcelain pavers are uncommonly unyielding to external abrasion and are even resistant to scratching with metal tools. Unlike natural stone pavers, porcelain pavers are fade-resistant and don’t need sealing. Because Frontier20 porcelain pavers are stain-resistant, you don’t need to worry about discoloration due to water, mould, or mildew.

Are porcelain pavers suitable for around the pool?2022-04-30T11:28:02-04:00

Unlike natural stone or wood, the porcelain surface is non-porous, and the growth of lichens, mosses and moulds is severely restricted. The inherent slip resistance of porcelain pavers makes them ideal for swimming pool decks or other outdoor areas like around an outdoor hot tub. When used in concert with a pedestal system, water spilling onto porcelain pavers will drain quickly, preventing pooling and reducing the chances of slip & falls. Landmark Ceramics Frontier20 products are available with a variety of slip-resistant finishes ensuring a safe outdoor floor area, whether wet or dry. Their anti-slip surface combined with extreme wear & weather resistance makes them the ideal choice for safe outdoor surfaces, whether in public outdoor spaces or around the pool.