While porcelain might have a higher upfront cost, you’ll save a bundle in other areas.

Installation – Porcelain pavers can be installed in conjunction with a pedestal system. This installation method will save you time, labour and money in excavation, disposal and transportation costs.

Maintenance & Upkeep – Porcelain pavers require no maintenance beyond an occasional powerwash to bring them back to their freshly-installed look. You’ll never need to sand, stain, or replace boards.

Long-term – A porcelain deck with the right underpinnings will last a lifetime. Unlike a wood deck, you won’t need to replace it every 15 years due to rotted boards.

Aesthetics – Aside from more practical options, comparing a porcelain deck, patio or driveway to a pressure-treated deck is like comparing a sports car to a grocery getter. It’s always worth it!

Outdoor porcelain tiles are priced competitively, meaning that you’ll come out ahead once the other variables are factored in.